Meida was an essential support the first week so I could concentrate in getting to know my baby while getting as much rest as possible. She has a very gentle yet knowledgeable approach, goes way beyond her responsibilities, and becomes a "member of the family" immediately. An absolute gem!

-Alma's parents, 2019

Wij hebben een hele fijne kraamweek gehad met Meida! Meida is proffesioneel, een grote steun bij de borstvoeding, ontzettend lief (ook voor onze twee oudere kinderen), initiatiefrijk en flexibel. Zo is ze een keer wat langer gebleven om voor onze twee oudste kinderen te zorgen terwijl wij een dutje deden na de kraamvisite. Meida was ook bij mijn bevalling. Ze heeft me bemoedigd en gerust gesteld, maar ook geadviseerd wat betreft houdingen. Ze wist precies wat ik nodig had toen het wat zwaarder werd. Ik zou haar zeker aanraden als doula en als kraamverzorgster. Wij kijken terug op een zeer fijne tijd met haar.

-Joachim en familie, 2019

Meida was a really good help during the kraamweek. She is an experience kraamzorg that took really good care of the baby and me. She is willing to help with everything necessary in the house with sibilings and visits. She is very flexible and adapts to our family and needs. I highly recommend her!

-Kraamzorg 1 op 1 review, Family A.F.D., 2019

We really feel so fortunate that we found Meida as she supported us in so many ways. And I simply cannot rate Meida enough, nor thank her enough for all that she provided us. As a British expat family living in The Hague, we were looking for someone who's first language was English and who had experience in preparing us for the arrival of our second child. Initially, I was drawn to Meida's expertise in dealing with previous birth trauma and I can honestly say her approach was brilliant. Using Meida's services as a doula enabled me to overcome unresolved fears and remaining anxieties I still had, and she helped me to move on, focusing on the new pregnancy. Meida's wealth of experience meant she was able to answer all of our questions and prepare us for a new birthing experience in The Netherlands. It wasn't just emotional support she provided either, but physical guidance also, in the form of most helpful exercises tailored to my specific needs at that late stage in the pregnancy. What we appreciated the most though, was having Meida as our Kraamzorg maternity nurse afterwards as well. This continuity of care worked so well for us, as I already knew she would be a good 'fit' for our family in those first newborn days of life! I'm *so* thankful for all Meida's words of wisdom, for her sensitive approach and caring nature and for keeping our home functioning at a time when I could then focus my energy on bonding with our new baby and establish a positive breastfeeding routine. Meida not only gave me the opportunity to recover, but also to spend some quality time with our first-born, to alleviate potential jealous feelings towards her sibling. And Meida provided the chance for us as parents to connect again and revisit aspects of looking after a newborn that we had since forgotten from the first time, almost 5 years ago! As I said at the start, I rate Meida's services as outstanding and we feel blessed that she came into our lives...

-Abigail B., 2018

We are grateful that you were part of this beautiful process from the beginning, without you it would not have been the same. Thank you so much for your love and exceptional work, you have a fantastic passion and attitude. You are undoubtedly part of our family.

-Hanna's parents , 2018

Meida did a great job during my delivery at home and helped me with the registration of Armin at the gemeente (municipality), which is much appreciated. Many thanks.

- Shazia , mother of Armin, 2018

Wij hebben enorm veel plezier gehad van de kraamzorg van Meida. Zij was echt fantastisch: superlief, kundig en zorgzaam, en ik heb veel van haar geleerd. Het was prettig om haar in ons huis te hebben, een enorme hulp in de huishouding, maar ik ervoer van haar ook een prettig respect voor privacymomenten. Een grote aanrader en volgende keer weer!

-Jorien van den Dries, 2018

Meida was our Doula during the birth of our daughter. We highly recommend her. She is very caring, kind, calm, knowledgeable and was a big support specially during the delivery. We want to thank you very much for being there for us, more than a Doula, you were as our family.

-Toucka's parents, 2018

Eind maart ben ik onverwachts thuis bevallen van mij eerste kindje. Meida werd 's nachts door mijn verloskundige via het kraambureau opgeroepen om te komen helpen ondersteunen. Ik ben erg blij dat Meida mij tijdens mijn bevalling heeft bijgestaan. Meida is zeer lief, rustig en vooral zeer bekwaam. Ze heeft mij echt heel fijn ondersteund en door mijn bevalling heen geholpen. Vanaf de weeën tot aan de beschuit met muisjes! Wat ik vooral heel fijn vond is dat Meida de rest van de week ook onze kraamhulp is geweest en wij hierdoor niet in korte tijd veel verschillende personen voorbij hebben zien komen. Wij zijn zelf (om het zo te noemen) een interraciaal koppel met verschillende invloeden betreft normen, waarden en principes van onze beide culturen. Meida staat hier volledig voor open, is oprecht geïnteresseerd en respecteerd en handeld hier ook naar. Daarnaast is ze zeer lief voor onze kleine geweest, hebben wij veel van haar geleerd en was onze huisje iedere dag heerlijk schoon. Wij hebben een zeer fijne kraamweek gehad en missen haar nog steeds. Ik zou Meida zeker aanraden, als Doula en als kraamhulp. Bedankt Meida!

-Priscilla, 2018

We were very lucky to get Meida to help us out. Right from the minute she arrived, she took the time to understand our needs and then guided us through the whole process of becoming parents. She is very knowledgeable , and her medical background clearly shows. She took care of me, the baby, my partner, and the house really well and we are very greatful for her help. As new parents we feel confident after 1 week of having her around. We are also a dutch/English household and with her being bilingual it made things so much easier. Thank you Meida for all your help.

-Google review from R. Haddad, 2018

Meida was absolutely amazing! Within a week she provided a routine and helped us becoming confident parents!

-Google review from R. van Eeden, 2018

Having a baby is always an exciting journey of your life but also huge responsibility and many new challenges.
When I came back from hospital, I had no idea where to start and how to handle a newborn baby. I was lucky that I had an amazing and smooth transition thanks to Meida. She taught me all the small details how to handle my little one, had excellent answers to all my questions and worries. She took amazing care of our baby and the house when I slept.
Her help was one of the best I could ever expect and if I could recommend someone to get a great help that would be definitely Meida.
Thank you, Meida!

-Markus' mother, 2018

Mijn eerste bevalling duurde erg lang. De weeën kwamen maar niet op gang en dat kwam mede omdat ik geen rust in mijn hoofd kon vinden. Daarom wilde ik het bij de tweede graag anders aanpakken. Zo kwam ik op het idee van een Doula. Met Meida had ik meteen een klik. Ze is rustig en deskundig en ik voelde me meteen op mijn gemak bij haar. Tijdens de bevalling heeft ze me er helemaal doorheen geleid. Ik heb het daardoor veel bewuster en relaxter meegemaakt. De volgende dag stond ze als kraamhulp weer voor ons klaar. Een vertrouwd gezicht, hoe fijn was dat. Ik kijk terug op een hele fijne bevalling en kraamperiode door Meida. Dankjewel!

-Marjolein, moeder van Nina, 2018

Het was ontzettend fijn om Meida in deze belangrijke en kwetsbare dagen bij ons te hebben.

-Papa van Freya, 2017

Meida has been a tremendous help
to my husband and I and our darling little girl, not just the minute we left the hospital but also the lead-up. From the moment we engaged her services she has been a guiding light on the preparation of the birth, home necessities, the first scary moments turning the keys to our house with our newborn and all the other stuff that no one tells you about or prepares you for (feeding, sleep patterns for you and the baby and visitors). Thanks to her we have a contented 5 week old baby and, more importantly, a contented household. Thank you so much Meida!!! We won't forget you.

- Freya's mother, 2017

Wij hebben een geweldige week gehad met onze kraamverzorgster Meida, het voelde als of ze een deel in het gezin was. Ze heeft ons zo veel geholpen in zoveel verschillende manieren! Echt top werk verricht.

-De ouders van Samuel, 2017

We can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. It was pure blessing having you with us. Things would have been so hard without your presence, confidence and simply your loving care. The fact that we progressed from 2.5cm to 8cm in such a short time, we attribute to your magic. How fast was it? I think it was less than two hours or even less. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Dmitry, Tomoe and Reno, 2017

Meida was our doula for the birth of our first daughter. She contacted us while she was a student and at that moment I did not really know what a doula was, so I was not that convinced. She explained to us what she does and I also looked it up on the Internet. I have no regret as it helped us a lot before, during and after the delivery. Before Meida gave me practical information about the delivery or about the things I needed to buy or what to put in my maternity luggage. After the delivery, she gave me tips about breastfeeding or how many hours my baby is supposed to sleep or other general information. But it is during the delivery that her help was the most precious. She was here, talking to me, giving tips to my partner to relieve my pain, entertaining me also when needed. When I needed it she was also holding my hand.
Of course, she was supporting me but also my partner who could focus exclusively on me and did not need to think of practical things.
After the birth, I really appreciate the fact to receive a report relating to the delivery.
I highly recommend Meida for her support and her kindness. The staff at the hospital told me I was lucky to have such a doula and I cannot agree more.
I want to mention that both my partner and I are expats, and we do not have our family close by. I would say that the help of a doula is in such a case even more important as we have someone we can rely on this very important event in our life.

-Clara's parents, 2017

My name is Meskela and I have a new baby. When I was pregnant and needed to deliver, Meida came to me to help me in the hospital. I am very pleased with her, because she was helping me more than what I expected from her. She has really a talent in her work and advised her to keep it up.

-Meskela, 2017

I met Meida through Mothers Informing Mothers, a program ran by the Consultatie Bureau. From the very first meeting I immediately felt she was a person I could trust.
Thanks to her experience as nurse and as mother, Meida is always giving me good practical ideas. As a first time mother and expat, I find her support very valuable. Most importantly, she is great at building confidence, just what a first time mother needs!

-Bernard's mother, 2016

Ik heb als hulpverlener voor een zwangere cliënt met een handicap via Stevig Ouderschap contact gekregen met Meida van Baal. Ik maakte me zorgen over deze mevrouw die de taal niet sprak, beperkt kan lezen en een handicap had. Zij heeft weinig tot geen sociaal netwerk en zou alleenstaande moeder worden. Als hulpverlener konden we niet bij de bevalling aanwezig zijn. Meida is een aantal keren langs geweest om kennis te maken met mevrouw. Zij had ook een schema gemaakt waarop andere hulpverleners en/of medebewoners konden zien wanneer het ziekenhuis gebeld zou moeten worden voor opname. Meida is er tijdens de hele bevalling bij geweest, dit was geruststellend voor mevrouw. Ondanks alle spanningen en onzekerheid van de bevalling van een eerste kindje en het zich niet goed kunnen uiten wist ze dat Meida naast haar stond. Samen lukte het ze om tot een communicatie te komen. Meida is een rustige persoonlijkheid die ook rust uitstraalt, maar kan aanpakken waar het nodig is. Ook na de bevalling is ze langs geweest om te kijken hoe het moeder en kind gaat. Ik zou het aanbevelen om een Doula zoals Meida in te schakelen op momenten dat iemand in een moeilijke of eenzame situatie verkeerd en de weg naar een bevalling tegemoet treedt.

-Ciska (pedagogisch hulpverlener, vrouwenopvang), 2016