Doula Services

Mitera (μητέρα), pronounced mi-TE-ra, is Greek for mother, and Co. is for company or companion. A mother and her companion (doula) at birth, who are inseparable during the labor and delivery. As a doula/birthing coach, I will provide emotional and physical support for both you and your partner, and provide information about home births and hospital births, so you can make an informed choice about your own birth. In order to make the birthing experience more comfortable, I can provide reassurance and encouragement to the parents-to-be, make suggestions to help progress the labor, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning, acupressure and water therapy.

The doula service begins with a free introductory meeting. This meeting allows you to get to know me. The focus is placed on discussing what your expectations and needs are, and what my doula services entail.

When you decide to hire me, the basic doula service includes: 1-2 prenatal visit(s) to prepare you for the birth; unlimited email and phone contacts to answer any questions you might have; on-call status as of 37 weeks of pregnancy; continued support during the labor and delivery to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe; and 2 postnatal visits to help process the delivery and answer more questions. Any additional visits can be added to the main service for a set price.

My care and support are based on both my nursing (Obstetric and Gynecology) and doula knowledge, and years of caring for people in need, either as a nurse or a volunteer. I value getting to know my clients and not rushing my services. My specialty is in helping expectant parents new to the Netherlands, who will be first-time parents or parents who have had a previous traumatic delivery.

Postpartum/Kraam Service

I recently joined Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje (KHZ) as a maternity nurse, see Clients interested in my doula service can also request me as a maternity nurse at KHZ. Note, that any non-clinical births will be partially covered by your insurance, and the eight days of postpartum care will be partially or fully covered, depending on the type of coverage. See Prices for more information. Clients interested in having me as their maternity nurse must put my name down under 'special requests' on the registration form to reserve my kraamzorg service.