Welcome to Mitera & Co.

I value taking that extra step to make your birthing experience a positive one. My prenatal and postnatal support is based on building the customers' self-confidence. Step-by-step, we can achieve more together.

- Meida van Baal

Certified Doula, Registered Maternity Nurse, Trained OB/GYN Nurse

Native English Speaker, Fluent in Dutch

Meida's wealth of experience meant she was able to answer all of our questions and prepare us for a new birthing experience in The Netherlands. It wasn't just emotional support she provided either, but physical guidance also, in the form of most helpful exercises tailored to my specific needs at that late stage in the pregnancy. What we appreciated the most though, was having Meida as our Kraamzorg maternity nurse afterwards as well. This continuity of care worked so well for us...

Noah's parents, 2018

I highly recommend Meida for her support and her kindness. The staff at the hospital told me I was lucky to have such a doula and I cannot agree more.

Clara's parents, 2017

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