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About Me

I grew up and studied in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. My Dutch husband and I have lived in San Francisco and Amsterdam before we became expats for my husband's job. Traveling was always a dream for me, so living in the United States, Czech Republic, Greece and The Netherlands for many years helped fulfill that dream.

Prior to my expat journey, I worked as a float nurse at various academic hospitals in Amsterdam, and later as an Obstetric and Gynecology nurse in a hospital in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

I have two beautiful children, a girl born in an Amsterdam apartment, and a boy born in a Czech state hospital. Two different but pleasant births.

I decided to set up the company Mitera & Co. in 2016 to help expectant parents prepare mentally and physically for one of the most important moments of their lives: the birth of their child or children. This preparation goes beyond the information you may receive at a birth preparation course, or the advice you may take from your family and friends. Of course, their support is very important, but you, the mother-to-be, need the guidance and support for all possible scenarios. My task during your labor is all about guiding and supporting non-medically on your behalf to make the experience for you a positive one.

As of 2019, I am offering maternity care/kraamzorg at Mitera & Co. Many families have expressed how much they liked having one person caring for them before and after the birth. I am a registered maternity nurse and member of KCKZ, Kenniscentrum Kraamzorg, which means I am approved by the organization as being a qualified nurse, who meets yearly continuing education requirements.

I look forward to meeting you and providing the care you want.

Languages: English (native speaker) and Dutch

Doula & Maternity Nurse Meida


University of California, Berkeley, BA in Zoology

California State University, East Bay, BS in Nursing

Public Health Certificate, California

HBO-Verpleegkundige Degree

Gynecology Nursing Certificate, Amsterdam

Certified Doula, trained at the "In Bloei" school, Sept. 2016-April 2017

Verdieping in de Branche Kraamzorg voor Verpleegkundige en Verzorgende, October 2017-March 2018

Continuing Education

Iedere Zorg NJI, Care for Mothers with a Chronically Sick Child, October 2016

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Birth at Embracing Birth NL, December 2016

Rebozo Workshop, February 2017

Spinning Babies, April 2017

Pregnancy Massage Workshop, September 2017

Maternal Psychiatric Symptoms and Support, renewed October 2020

Breastfeeding and New Baby Friendly Standards , October 2018-February 2019

Acute Situations in Midwifery, renewed March 2019

Basic Breastfeeding, renewed June 2022

Postpartum Assessments and Observations-Mother, March 2019

Formula Feeding, renewed March 2019

Reporting Obligations, renewed March 2019

Preventing and Healing Birth Trauma, Birth Healing Summit, April 2019

Brain Changes After Birth & Business Advice, Birth Healing Summit, April 2019

Nurturing Postpartum, June 2019

Verdiepingsdag Kraambedmassage, June 2019

Moxa Workshop, June 2019

Beginners Photography Workshop, June 2019

Bonding Mother and Child, renewed February 2020

Maternity Care After a C-section or Vacuum Delivery, renewed May 2020

Maternity Care After the Loss of a Baby, May 2020

Smoke Free Start in the Kraamzorg, June 2020

Postpartum Yoni Steaming, July 2020

Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn, March 2021

Recognizing & Reporting Abuse/ Shaking Baby Syndrome, March 2021

First Aid in the Kraamzorg, renewed, March 2024

Postpartum Care in Vulnerable Situations, June 2021

Body Ready Method and Certification Cohort 1, Sept. 2021-Feb. 2022

Body Ready Method Cohort 2, BRM Group Leader, Sept. 2022-Feb. 2023

Kader Primaire Proces, July 2022

Healthy Foods for the Postpartum Family, March 2022

Physiology and Pathology of the Birth, April 2023

Spinning Babies Parent Educator Training, April 2023

Body Ready Birth Teacher Training, Sept.-Nov. 2023

Fysiologie en pathologie van de baring, April 2023

Kraamzorg: Communiceren over geweld, April 2023

Fysiologie en pathologie in het kraambed, December 2023

Blood pressure measurement-Kraamzorg 3+, January 2024

Care and removal of a bladder catheters, January 2024





Work Experience


Certified Body Ready Method Pro® (2021, 1st in the Netherlands)

Certified Doula, The Hague (2017-present)

Independent Maternity Nurse at Mitera & Co (present)

Maternity Nurse at Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje, The Hague

Volunteer for Moeders Informeren Moeders, The Hague

Volunteer for Make-A-Wish, Greece and Salvation Army, Greece

Obstetric and Gynecology Nurse in Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Float Nurse in Amsterdam (AMC, VU, OLVG)

Home Health Nurse in California

Internship Labor & Delivery at Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, Ca.


Delivery experiences: natural birth, cesarean birth, water birth, twins, VBAC, induction, epidural, paraplegia, FGC or FGM, hearing impairment, and many medically indicated births.