Second Lockdown in The Netherlands

By Meida van Baal, Doula and Kraamverzorgende

Here's hoping that everybody is staying healthy in these challenging times. The second lockdown in the Netherlands was no surprise. Although unfortunate, we understand that this is for the best.

The changes in my care is similar to the first lockdown. All doula visits and intakes will be done via Skype. The birth support will stay the same in a home setting, however, for all medical births, I will try to support the couple as much as possible virtually. Please note that I have been working with a sliding scale for the doula fees since the first lockdown.

The kraamzorg or maternity care intake will also be done via Skype. After the delivery, I will meet with you and your new baby at home. The care remains the same, thus I will provide 45-49 hours of care, depending on whether you will be bottle feeding or breastfeeeding your baby. I do kindly request that you do not allow any visitors to come to the house when I am present during the care.

These changes will remain until January 19th or until further notice.

I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and joyous holiday!