Update on HMC Bronovo

By Meida van Baal, doula and maternity nurse

The news of the future closure of one of The Hague’s major hospital, HMC Bronovo, came as a shock for many of its locals. Many people have come to love the medium-sized hospital and the services it provide. It has also been a hospital for the international community and for some of the members of the royal family.

Here are some of the changes that will occur this year:

-The last news was that June 15th will be the last day that the labor and delivery unit will accept deliveries. Any emergencies and deliveries after June 15th will be sent to HMC Westeinde.

-The Bronovo hospital will remain open for outpatient procedures from Monday to Friday. That means you can still have your prenatal appointments and ultrasounds at the Bronovo site. The hospital will be completely closed on the weekends.

-HMC Westeinde is planning to build additional parking this year.

-The labor and delivery ward at HMC Westeinde is on the 12th floor. In the future, the hospital is planning on adding an addition to the hospital for medical deliveries. More news about this will come later this year.

For updated developments, please contact your healthcare provider.